Houston ship channel to Texas closed following the Houston leak

The Petrochemical fire led chemicals spilling into the nearby Houston ship channel. More than 40 vessels are waiting to move out or towards the channel. The channel is the critical water way as it connects the Port of houston and Gulf of Mexico. New timetable for the ships towards Texas is put on hold without ..

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AP – NORC Poll : Americans favour gun laws

Majority of the Americans prefer stricter gun laws. Especially places of worship and schools have become less safe in the last 2 decades. The AP – NORC, Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted a poll according to which 67% of the Americans support making the gun laws stricter. The poll also say ..

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Theresa May’s cabinet to oust her over Brexit

With the Brexit referendum creating chaos as the deadline has approached, the ministers of the Britain Prime Ministers might move to oust her. If they succeed Brexit would become doubtful. It is expected that the Ministers would make a move on Monday. With only weeks for the UK to leave EU, Brexit strategy lay in ..

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Millions participate at the anti Brexit march in London

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the central London on Saturday demanding a new referendum. They opposed to Britain’s withdrawl from the Europian Union. The Prime Minister Theresa May hinted that she wouldnt bring the Brexit issue to parliament next week. The EU and the British Government agreed to postpone the Brexit referendum to ..

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